ExportX Software

At ExportX we create software that streamlines e-commerce operations and delivers timely information for e-commerce merchants. The things that we might have hoped e-commerce website offerings might do out-of-the-box (but they don’t).

We run our own multi-national e-commerce business and we face the same challenges as many other e-commerce businesses. The difference is that our software engineering background means that we can overcome challenges and solve problems in a different way; by developing new software. Real software doing real things in practical ways for real e-commerce businesses.

These are our software products.


Amazon-to-Xero; automated posting of Amazon marketplace transactions to your Xero accounting system.

For more information visit A2XAccounting.com.



The mobile sales dashboard that gives you the real-time sales metrics you’ve always wanted.

OrderPipe is a mobile software app used by e-commerce merchants to monitor sales real-time. Access OrderPipe from your iPhone, your iPad, or your web browser.

OrderPipe gives you key sales metrics at a glance, including today’s revenue, number of orders and unit sales, plus graphs of the last 28 days. It highlights today’s top-selling products and it lists recent sales transactions with a drill-down to view the detail of each customer order.

Available as a free Beta web service.

For more information visit OrderPipe.com.

Cloud Backup for Magento Webstores

Software extension for the Magento e-commerce system. Available now.

World Wide Access Cloud Backup automatically creates regular off-site backups for Magento webstores. This includes backing up:

  • the Magento software;
  • modifications to the Magento code;
  • Magento theme configuration;
  • Product catalog images;
  • the underlying Magento database which contains product details, prices, transaction history, customer reviews.

Backup files are created daily and sent over the Internet to be stored on virtual servers using the S3 cloud computing storage service provided by Amazon.com.

Available through the Cloud Backup (beta) page on Magento Connect.


Contact us by email at [email protected].