Why It Works

The ExportX export selling model works because it’s in tune with how customers are shopping online today in big markets overseas. Increasingly that means shopping from mobile devices and major shopping sites that can offer selection of millions of products. This is quite different from the boutique website approach to e-commerce still prevalent in countries such as New Zealand.

Take the USA as an example. It’s the world’s biggest market and the most advanced in e-commerce.

In the USA we make it easy for American shoppers to find your products online, and easy for them to buy. We generate export revenue that can only be realised by being in-market and selling at a world-class standard. Selling over the Internet from outside America will never get you there.

The reality is that most Americans are reluctant to purchase from foreign websites. They expect to shop with an American company that provides fast delivery, payment methods they trust, and local customer service. They want the option to return unwanted goods locally. They don’t want to pay in a foreign currency, through an unfamiliar payments system, or wait for the product to ship and clear customs which could take days or weeks.

Customer expectations of online retail are far higher in America. The American online shopper is sophisticated and demanding, and expects discounts, free shipping, guaranteed delivery times, constant communication at every step, online order tracking, even the option to have a product gift-wrapped and at their door the next day. We achieve all this with in-market selling at the world-class level of service American shoppers have come to expect.

We make it easy for American shoppers to buy your products with convenient streamlined checkout on our American-domiciled webstores. For example, our customers don’t need to re-enter their credit card and address information with popular payment options such as Google Checkout, Paypal and Checkout By Amazon.

Our world-class e-commerce technology is designed for optimum usability to compete in America and Europe at the highest level. This table shows the significant advantage that ExportX webstores have over typical New Zealand and Australian websites in meeting American shoppers’ expectations.

How does your website compare?

Online Shoppers’ Expectations Typical Website ExportX
Online product catalogue
Online shopping cart
USD pricing
USA-domiciled, no need to ‘buy foreign’
American spelling, formats and terminology
American market messaging
All major American payment options
No need to enter credit card and address
Integrated credit card fraud detection
In-market delivery within the USA
No customs duties or fees for customers
Next-day delivery option
Free shipping offers
Automated order fulfilment
Automated order status communications
Online customer service
Local returns handling
Accurate stock levels and out of stock status
Products promoted through shopping comparison engines
Products promoted through shopping marketplaces
Customer product reviews
Customer merchant ratings


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