Baby Product Triumphs in the USA

Less than a year after entering the US market through ExportX, New Zealand’s mumi&bubi grew to be one of the top three in its product category.

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Mumi&bubi manufactures purpose-designed freezer trays for baby food purée. Each of the two trays in the pack has 21 spoon-shaped hollows that hold 30ml servings of food. This allows mothers to prepare food as infrequently as once a fortnight and simply slip out the portions from the tray as needed.

Export challenge

“I always wondered why the previous owners never entered the USA market,” says Auckland mother and businesswoman Christina Piet, who bought mumi&bubi in 2009. “It’s such a unique product, offering much more capacity in less space than competitors in the market.”

So she started researching the distribution, warehousing and fulfilment requirements to sell mumi&bubi freezer trays in the USA.

“A major concern for me was pricing. If you have multiple outlets competing, each selling your product, they undercut each other and erode your brand value.”

Export solution

“When you work with ExportX, they get your product on Amazon and dozens of other shopping sites in North America – all with the same price. So when people hunt around to compare prices, they see it’s consistent and that inspires confidence.”
Ease is also a major factor when working with ExportX.

“If I sell through another retailer in the USA, I have to ship the product to the USA and keep it in my own warehouse before I can ship it on to the retailer. With ExportX, all I have to do is send an email to my factory in Onehunga to produce the product and they send it over to the ExportX export consolidation warehouse, also in Auckland.”

From that point on, ExportX takes care of the cost and all arrangements for export shipping, customs clearance, distribution, sales and order fulfilment.

“ExportX sells direct to the consumer and provides full customer service and support, while allowing me the freedom to develop a wholesale business separately. So I have that control.”

ExportX suppliers get paid once a month, shortly after the previous month’s sales close. “ExportX pays USA dollars directly into my New Zealand account, so it wasn’t necessary to have a USA bank account.”

It’s so easy simply dealing with ExportX, rather than trying to deal directly with lots of different accounts.”

Export results

“We supplied ExportX with our first shipment in December 2010. Seven weeks later, we were listed and selling through Amazon and other shopping sites,” says Christina.

The ExportX marketing team found the right bloggers and online forums to bring the product to the attention of customers in the target market very cost-effectively.

After less than a year, mumi&bubi has climbed to number 3 in its category on Amazon. “We’re up against the big players. These are really big companies with huge marketing budgets and an army of sales reps… and here’s little old mumi&bubi right up there with them!”

After only one year with ExportX, USA sales exceed our domestic sales already and we haven’t even begun to understand the market.”

Next steps

“I expect USA sales to multiply over the next few years as we become better known over there,” says Christina.

“ExportX is doing a great job for us in the USA, so I thought why not try other countries as well?”

Mumi&bubi is about to enter Canada using ExportX, with more markets in the pipeline.


With ExportX, we get a much higher margin than we’d ever get with a traditional distribution model.”