How It Works

ExportX is a software technology company that gets products into big export markets and into the hands of customers. We use our software technology and our deep e-commerce expertise to bypass conventional distribution channels.

Instead we harness the power of the world’s biggest online marketplaces such as Amazon, Rakuten and Taobao, and the most efficient software-automated order processing, logistics and distribution to sell products at great prices, generating export revenue for manufacturers that would otherwise be out of reach.

Exporting has never been done this way before and it wouldn’t have been possible just a few years ago.

It’s the fastest, easiest path to market.

We export your products and store them in warehouses overseas; we place your porducts in major online shopping channels and promote them online; customers find and buy your products online by phone, iPad or browser; fast local delivery with email updates every step of the way.

When you’re ready to get started, you decide how much stock to send and we’ll handle the selling and logistics, including:

  • Export shipping, customs clearance, import duties and taxes.
  • Storing your products in secure warehouses in each country ready for local delivery to customers.
  • Selling your products through webstores and shopping sites in each overseas market.
  • Employing comparison shopping engines, product search databases, shopping marketplaces and affiliate sales programmes to help shoppers find your products.
  • Managing payment processing, order fulfilment, customer service, and returns and refunds.
  • Drop-ship wholesale and conventional wholesale to support your resellers.
  • Adwords and other search advertising, and optimisation for search.

For American shoppers, we can deliver anywhere in continental states overnight and we offer the same sorts of service levels in other countries in which we sell. In China we have national distribution, not regional.

Our sales and order fulfillment processes are highly automated and the software technology is engineered for scale to support thousands of products being delivered to millions of customers. We provide real-time inventory levels across all retail and wholesale sales channels. For example, ‘only 10 left’ appears on screen when inventory drops to 10 units and it decrements automatically with every unit dispatched from the warehouse thereafter, regardless of which sales channels are making the sales. 100% of orders are dispatched on time and 100% of priority orders are dispatched within one day.

During the sales process we maintain close contact with customers, from order confirmation to dispatch notification to courier tracking, and we manage follow-up communications to check satisfaction and invite product reviews.

We don’t charge suppliers for our export service or our e-commerce software technology. Instead, we share the business risk and earn back our investment in each product range through margin on sales achieved. In other words, we pay the costs to export your products to overseas markets and into the hands of customers, and we pay you for the products we sell.

Why wouldn’t you export with us?

Read more about why it works and why it’s a better way to export, or contact us to get started.