Wood Mallets

Anyone who has experienced the intricacies of croquet will agree that it’s a serious game that demands precise equipment.

Wood Mallets manufactures in New Zealand a range of croquet sets that will enhance the enjoyment of this vindictive and highly competitive game. Our equipment is made from the best possible materials and Wood Mallets croquet sets become family heirlooms treasured for generations.

Many of those who come to Wood Mallets have been frustrated by the poor quality of inferior toy croquet sets. Wood Mallets croquet sets may not be the cheapest, but they are superb value, as customers all around the world will testify.

Wood Mallets Croquet Sets

Traditional Hurlingham Croquet Sets

The Wood Mallets traditional Hurlingham croquet set features superbly-made traditional brass-bound mallets with regulation Pro-16 croquet balls and hoops (wickets). The brass binding on the mallets not only looks beautiful but it eliminates splitting around the edges of the mallet head which can be caused by off-center shots. The Hurlingham croquet mallets are 36″ in length and weigh 2lb 14oz on average.

Garden Croquet Sets

A Wood Mallets Garden croquet set is ideal for home garden croquet. It has regulation-size balls and hoops. The mallets have octagonal hardwood handles and cylindrical heads. They are 36″ long and weigh on average 2lb 14oz. These are robust and hard-wearing mallets, perfect for home garden croquet, although care should be taken not to damage the heads with hard off-center shots. Avoid the golf-type swing!

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