Label compliance service launched

Regulatory Check is new service which helps New Zealand and Australian exporters with label compliance for products going to the USA, UK and EU. They can assist with labels for the New Zealand and Australian markets as well. Co-Founder Alister Gates has worked in the export industry for many years and says, “In the past, as both an exporter and marketer I have found label compliance to be one of the most frustrating, but vital areas of product development success. I have spoken to many exporters with fantastic products who have signed up a great distributor, sent the product overseas only to find it caught up in an expensive border control nightmare.”

Regulatory Check has been set up to make it easy for food and beverage, dietary supplements and cosmetics manufactures to have a one-stop label review service. They also offer deep-dive, formulation reviews to check product compliance. This is very important in European and Asian markets where certain, sometimes common ingredients can be banned. And of course, it will save a lot of time and hassle if you get them involved right up front at the product development stage, where they can provide the technical artwork for the designer to create the labels.

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