Merino Kids Launches On Amazon Australia

Merino Kids In Australia

Merino KidsMerino Kids Launches, an international award-winning textile company is now live on Amazon Australia.

Merino Kids is an iconic company from New Zealand. They specialise in using 100% natural fibres for baby, infant and toddler sleepwear. The award-winning range of products has been designed to keep baby safe and comfortable. The merino material used in each piece of clothing is insulative and breathable. It works great in both hot and cold environments. Breathability ensures that young children and babies perfectly adapt to their sleeping environments. These values make a difference to the lives of families with young children.

Merino Kids Global Demand

The Merino Kids success is internationally proven. Export-X has seen increasing global demand for the award-winning designs.

merino kids in australia

ExportX represents Merino Kids in Australia on and in the USA on

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