Torus automatic water bowls are now available in Australia

Heyrex sub-brand Torus now on Amazon Australia with ExportX

Torus automatic gravity fed refiling water bowls for your dogs and cats are now Available on Amazon Australia.

TORUS™ watering bowls store up to 2L of water inside their reservoir walls, filtering the water as it automatically dispenses into the bowl for your pet to drink. The large capacity of TORUS™ means less filling and its low profile means fewer spills or mess. The watering bowl by TORUS™ does not require batteries or a power source and has a 12-month warranty. These special watering bowls come in two sizes, 2L which is ideal for multi-pet homes and larger pets and a 1L which is perfect for smaller pets. TORUS™ bowls have a lock, fill and drink functions making it ideal for travel.

ExportX represents TORUS™ on in Australia and on in the USA.

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