A2X Integration With QuickBooks “Works Like A Charm”

A2X now offers automated posting to QuickBooks Online, which means more U.S. Amazon sellers can use A2X for easy accrual accounting for Amazon marketplace sales, fees and other transactions.

“The A2X connection to QuickBooks Online has made the impossible, possible,” said Brad Ober of Provident Standard in Utah.  “It’s working like a charm!”

A2X has made the impossible, possible!”

He elaborated, “My CPA was explaining how we wouldn’t be able to account for our Amazon business using accrual accounting despite that is what we desired for our business, but then came A2X to the rescue! Setup was intuitive and the support team at A2X has been there every step of the way to field any questions that have risen. Definitely A2X needs to be a part of your arsenal for accounting for your business correctly. Thanks A2X!”

About A2X

A2X makes it easy for businesses to account accurately for their Amazon marketplace sales.

With A2X’s automated Amazon settlement accounting, Amazon merchants and their accountants save time every month, avoiding the headaches caused by the complexity and volume of Amazon transaction data, and enjoying reconciled accrual accounting for Amazon sales.

Accounting accurately for their Amazon sales is difficult for Amazon merchants because of the complexity and volume of Amazon transaction data.

Amazon marketplace data is complex because there are hundreds of types of transactions, not just the sales-related revenue and fees that one would expect. Amazon is continually launching innovative programs in areas such as promotions, funding, warehousing and logistics, and myriads of resulting transactions flow through to settlements and accounting.

Amazon merchants have access to settlement reports, but these are difficult to reconcile to financial periods and don’t usually provide the level of detail needed for accurate accrual accounting and tax compliance.

At anything beyond relatively small order volumes, there’s simply too much data flowing from Amazon’s systems to be analyzed manually. Spreadsheets overflow and fail. The transaction complexity and data volume combine to create real headaches for e-commerce accountants.

A2X eliminates the headaches. By automating the posting of Amazon settlements, A2X delivers businesses accurate, reconciled accrual accounting for their Amazon marketplace sales. It fetches Amazon marketplace revenue, fees and other transactions, aggregates to match financial periods, and posts directly to cloud accounting systems.





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