A2X Rated #1 Tool for Amazon Merchants

A2X has been named the #1 software tool for Amazon merchants by specialist e-commerce accountant CPA Patti Scharf, co-founder of Colorado-based e-commerce accounting firm Catching Clouds.

Her introduction is unequivocal:

This is a MANDATORY tool for anyone selling on Amazon Seller Central. Did you hear me? Mandatory. It will rock your world, I kid you not.”

In her Useful Tools Series article she goes on to explain in detail what’s involved in accounting properly for Amazon sales and fees for businesses selling on Amazon, giving practical examples such as the challenge of accounting for monthly sales when an Amazon settlement period spans a month-end.

Catching Clouds Useful Tools A2XShe lists six reasons Catching Clouds prefers using A2X to other approaches:

  • A2X setup is quick and easy.
  • A2X posts automatically to Xero as Amazon settlement data becomes available.
  • Customizable account codings for each type of Amazon fee.
  • Sales tax collected is split out and posted separately from revenue.
  • The amounts posted by A2X reconcile to bank deposits received from Amazon.
  • A2X works with Amazon marketplaces world-wide.

She concludes with a summary of the experience using A2X:

Compared to the heavy lifting we used to do (unsuccessfully, at that), A2X is a dream come true. It is far and away one of our favorite tools for accuracy, reliability, ease of use, and overall value.”

Catching Clouds provides consulting and outsourced cloud accounting services to ecommerce businesses. Catching Clouds is expert in ecommerce, cloud technology, and accounting and operates as the accounting department for ecommerce businesses, specializing in multi-channel businesses selling retail and wholesale online and on multiple marketplaces and shopping carts.

Developed by ExportX, A2X is a cloud-based Amazon accounting integration service for Amazon merchants that posts Amazon sales, fees, and cost-of-goods-sold to your accounting system automatically. It reconciles revenue and expenses with Amazon’s settlement deposits, and accounts properly for settlements that span a month-end. A2X is recommended by leading e-commerce accountants and supports Amazon marketplaces world-wide. It is an official Xero Connected App, and is featured on the Xero web page Cloud accounting for Amazon sellers.



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