Amazon’s Black Friday Features New Zealand Products Black Friday Deals Week 2016Amazon is featuring New Zealand products as part of its Black Friday promotions in the USA.

Black Friday, the day after U.S. Thanksgiving, is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. With a huge shopping audience online, inclusion in Amazon promotions can gain huge exposure, especially for products and brands new to the market.

Through its Exclusives department, Amazon has chosen a number of New Zealand products represented by ExportX to be featured in Black Friday Deals Week and Gift Guide selections.

Exclusives GIft Guide

Featured New Zealand products include the Torus self-filling pet water bowl, Fernwood tree fern panels, Manukora UMF manuka honey, merino baby PJs by Merino Kids, Obiqo skincare creams, Gutter Whiskers gutter guards and Wood Mallets boxed croquet sets.


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