Australian SkinB5 Natural Acne Control System

skin b5SkinB5, like many successful export products, was born purely out of need. SkinB5 founders suffered from acne as teenagers and young adults, and despite lots of promises they couldn’t find a reliable cure.

They worked with a leading Australian health product supplier and came up with an innovative natural solution that customer testimonials say actually works.

SkinB5 is currently sold throughout Australia and has a strong export business to Asia, the Middle East and a very successful online business through the SkinB5 website.

Export X provides a turn-key service.”

Being ready for expansion into the USA, SkinB5 co-Founder and Managing Director Judy Cheung-Wood was looking for a quick and easy way to get her products onto Amazon, the largest American online platform. She discovered ExportX.

“Export X provides a turn-key service to getting our products in front of American clients efficiently, and with the added ability of providing next day delivery and free shipping. We are excited about being able to supply our products when they are needed, which is often ‘right now’.”

SkinB5 will make its first shipment to the USA in March.



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