ExportX Name Adopted World-Wide

Amazon.it showing ExportX ItaliaThe ExportX name is being rolled out to to be used in ExportX operations world-wide.

From 1 February products represented by ExportX in the USA and Europe will be offered under the ExportX name.

Previously in overseas markets products were sold under the Shopping Moa retail trading name. The 1 February adoption of ExportX as the retail trading name consolidates all activities under the ExportX banner.

As part of this world-wide adoption of the ExportX name, the US webstore shoppingmoa.com is being retired, and site visitors will be redirected to product information pages on the main ExportX website.

What does it mean for manufacturers?

There should be no change needed for businesses working with ExportX, and there’ll be no major changes in ExportX operations, other than operating under the ExportX name in overseas markets.

One thing you may notice is that your products on Amazon in the USA and Europe will now be ‘Sold by ExportX,’ or, for example in Italy, ‘Venduto da ExportX Italia.’


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