121 Million Online Shoppers for Cyber Monday

121 million American consumers will shop online on Cyber Monday, according to a study released by the US National Retail Federation. 

Tomorrow’s gonna be a huge day.”

“Tomorrow’s gonna be a huge day, there’s gonna be no question about it,” said National Retail Federation CEO Matthew Shay.

According to Internet Retailer, the 5-day Thanksgiving holiday shopping period culminating in Cyber Monday “this year has been marked by an accelerating shift toward shopping on the web.”

Amazon is at the forefront of Cyber Monday marketing, with heavy promotion of Cyber Monday deals and its Cyber Monday Week, expanding the idea of Cyber Monday into the first week of December.

ExportX prides itself on harnessing the power of Amazon to promote the brands it represents. Products represented by ExportX in the USA will be promoted to Amazon shoppers in many ways.

Eight products from this part of the world will be promoted by Amazon in its flagship Cyber Monday Deals, as ‘Lightning Deal’ offers staggered throughout the morning of Cyber Monday. Dominate, Gutter Whiskers, Happy Valley, Heyrex, Merino Kids, Mumi&Bubi, Obiqo and Primal Earth are the brands selected.

Cyber Monday Lightning Deals

Cyber Monday Lightning Deals 2

With ExportX being part of the Amazon Exclusives programme, Australian and New Zealand products are being featured for Cyber Monday in the Amazon Exclusives storefront.

Brands being featured by Amazon Exclusives during Cyber Monday Week include Blisterproof, Splayd, Victory Knives, Safe Eyes, StrongArm, SKEANIE, Merino-Tec, Canterbury Sheepskin, Bruns, Dandi and Lifesocks.

Amazon Exclusives Cyber Monday promotion

The Cyber Monday concept is spreading into Europe, and a number of ExportX-represented products have been selected by Amazon to be promoted to Cyber Monday shoppers in Germany, France and the UK.

Cyber Monday is becoming a worldwide event, and a multi-market international opportunity for Australian and New Zealand products.

Cyber Monday on Amazon Germany

Cyber Monday on Amazon Germany


Cyber Monday on Amazon France

Cyber Monday on Amazon France


Cyber Monday on Amazon UK

Cyber Monday on Amazon UK




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