Smaller Torus Water Bowl Launched in the USA

The new, smaller 1-litre Torus pet water bowl has been introduced to the USA this week.

The Torus bowl, a product of New Zealand firm Heyrex, is an ergonomically designed, portable and sturdy water bowl for cats and dogs that provides fresh, carbon-filtered water as often as the animal desires.

The Torus’s thick walls house a concealed water reservoir, insulated to ensure a pet’s water stays cooler for longer.

Fill the reservoir from the top opening, turn the cap to the open position and self-dispensing water automatically replenishes the bowl, giving access to cool and delicious carbon-filtered water anytime a pet is thirsty.

The original 2-litre Torus pet water bowl is popular with dog and cat owners, and this new, smaller 1-litre pet water bowl expands the Torus range.

Why a smaller Torus water bowl? The smaller bowl suitable for cats and for smaller dogs, and it’s easy to carry. Plus it comes in pink, a new colour voted on by Heyrex customers.

The new 1-litre Torus pet water bowl is available now in the USA through Amazon.


Torus 1 litre pink bowl on Amazon


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