Gutter Whiskers USA #1 New Release, Again

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The latest Gutter Whiskers product to be offered in the USA has been ranked the #1 Hot New Release in the gutter guards category on Amazon, repeating the success achieved by Gutter Whiskers earlier this year.

This time it’s the Gutter Whiskers ‘commercial pack’, containing 48m of gutter brush that is proving popular within weeks of its USA launch.

The Gutter Whiskers range available through ExportX in the USA now includes:

  • The 18-foot pack, containing 6 x 3-foot lengths of gutter brush;
  • The 39-foot pack, containing 24 x 0.5m lengths plus a free gutter cleaning brush; and
  • The 157-foot commercial pack, containing 48 x 1m lengths.

Gutter Whiskers AX443 #1 Hot New Release

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