Splayd Sells Out in the USA

Splayd_logoThe first shipment of Splayd utensils to the USA has completely sold out, after rating the #1 New Release in its category on Amazon within weeks of its launch.

More stocks of Splayd utensils are on the way from Australia to meet the demand.

Splayd utensils were launched in the USA through ExportX in July. Before that there were significant unanswered questions about how Splayd products might best be taken to the USA. These included:

  • Would American shoppers buy Splayd utensils? Is there really a market there for Splayd?
  • Which products from the Splayd range would be popular in the USA? Which products should be stocked there?
  • How much stock should be committed to the market?

Just 6 weeks on, most of those questions are answered. Without question there’s demand for Splay products in the USA, and the opportunity could be a lot bigger than originally thought.

Now, with the first shipment sold out, the questions being asked are questions of growth. How to get product to market quickly to keep products in stock. Where best to invest in marketing and publicity.

The ExportX go-to-market model, fast, easy, and low-risk, helped Splayd gauge the true market opportunity for its products. ExportX is now helping with the next stage, getting more stock to the USA swiftly and cost-effectively and planing online promotions to help Splayd reach many more customers in North America.

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