GoGlobal in Sydney with NORA and Amazon

NORA Go Global With Amazon

This week Alister Gates of ExportX presented with the Amazon team at the NORA GoGlobal seminar in Sydney to an engaged crowd of forty-plus Australian manufacturers. The hot topic was the advantage of selling Australian products through Amazon marketplaces.  

NORA, the National Online Retailers Association, is Australia’s newest retail industry collective and advocates a future of retail built on the pillars of customer centricity, technology and a global outlook.

Asking the right questions.”

Alister Gates of ExportX said, “The seminar was a big success, the manufacturers were asking the right questions, and the ones I spoke with were excited about the opportunity.”

If you weren’t able to catch Alister at the seminar and your business is interested in how ExportX and Amazon together make it easy to reach US and European customers, please contact Alister directly by email.

Australian manufacturers already selling in the USA with ExportX and Amazon include Brookfarm, Splayd and Dandi.



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