Newflands Pet Supplements For The USA

Newflands Newfoundlands

Newflands fish oil pet supplements for dogs and cats are bound for the USA with ExportX.

Product ShotNewflands fish oil is high in omegas and will be welcomed by pet owners who have their pet’s wellbeing at heart. Newflands fish oil is sustainably fished from New Zealand waters and is ideal for pets suffering from arthritis, heart problems, immune system issues or that have itchy, flaky or scratchy skin.

Already established in New Zealand, Newflands pet supplements will soon be available to pet owners in the USA.

Use ExportX to get to market quickly.”

“I have been working towards taking Newflands to the USA for a long time, and using ExportX has been in my strategy from the get-go,” said Fiona Robertson, Newflands founder. “I’ve planned Newflands USA market entry around using ExportX to get to market quickly.”


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