Manuka Honey UMF vs MGO Calculator

ExportX has launched an online manuka honey UMF-MGO calculator.

It allows consumers to convert quickly and easily between the UMF and MGO ratings shown on the labels of premium New Zealand manuka honey.


About the Manuka Honey UMF-MGO Calculator

Premium manuka honey from New Zealand carries a UMF rating or an MGO rating, which indicates the concentration of the characteristics that make manuka honey so special.

There is a correlation between UMF and MGO. This table shows UMF ratings and their MGO equivalents.

UMF RatingMGO*
UMF 5+ 83
UMF 10+263
UMF 12+356
UMF 15+514
UMF 18+696
UMF 20+829
* MGO is measured as methylglyoxal mg/kg (ppm)



Disclosure: ExportX represents Happy Valley manuka honey in the USA, UK and Germany.


One Response to Manuka Honey UMF vs MGO Calculator

  1. Beagle 5 September 2017 at 10:19 pm #

    Umf was dropped back in 2008 by Peter m (the inventer of the umf testing) in favour of the more accurate testing standard of MGO, and this should be the Manuka standard, not the new MPI 5 compound testing system, where the high grade Manuka is failing the inaccurate DNA tests.
    Don’t destroy the industry MPI
    Check the link out below.

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