The Top Manuka Honeys on Amazon Germany

manuka-blossom-300x400Germans are amongst the world’s biggest consumers of honey, eating on average over 1kg each per year.  New Zealand’s manuka honey is popular and its benefits well understood. offers many manuka honey products. Which are the most popular? Which are the best?

This list of the top manuka honeys on Amazon Germany is intended to make sense of it all, to help you choose the right manuka honey and to know you are getting quality and value for your dollar.

The most important factor when appraising the value of a manuka honey is the honey’s concentration of ‘manuka goodness’, which is measured by UMF or by MGO, methylglyoxal concentration. Without a UMF or MGO rating it is difficult to know whether a honey is genuine manuka, or a lower-grade blend.

We’ve used the honey bestseller list from Amazon Germany’s Grocery department to identify the most popular manuka honeys on, and we’ve organised the list by the recognised UMF and MGO manuka honey ratings, from highest to lowest grade. The price guide shown is an indication of the price per 250g jar.

Manuka HoneyUMFMGONotesPrice Guide
Happy Valley UMF 20+20829UMF 20+ honey is rare.€89
Larnac Aktiver Manuka Honig 600+17600The image shows a 250g jar.€86
Manuka Health MGO 550+15550Manuka Health uses MGO ratings.€64
Happy Valley UMF 15+15514The most popular Happy Valley UMF honey.€49
Manuka Health MGO 400+12400The most popular Manuka Health MGO honey.€45
Comvita UMF 10+
10350Comvita is the largest manuka honey producer.€46
Happy Valley UMF 10+10263Also available in 500g and 1kg.€29
Manuka Health MGO 250+9250Also available in 500g.€29
Nelson Honey Active Gold 15+7150Producer has explained that its Gold honey has minimum methylglyoxal 150 mg/kg.€32
Manuka Health MGO 100+5100500g or 1kg jar.€18
Sanct Bernhard Aktiv 55100No longer claims to be UMF honey.€19
Comvita UMF 5+583Also available in 500g and 1kg.€23
Happy Valley UMF 5+
583Also available in 500g and 1kg.€22
Manuka Health MGO 30+ Blend-30Also available in 500g.€19
Happy Valley Native Manuka--500g or 1kg jar.€15
R. Feldt Manukahonig--500g jar.€16
Activon Tube Medical Grade--25g tube. Carries no rating of methylglyoxal concentration.€71
Hoyer Bio Manuka Honig--€20
Sonnentor Bio Manuka Honig--€34

Genuine high-grade manuka honey, UMF 10+ and above, is costly and in limited supply. If you find a manuka honey with a high rating number on the label at a lower price than an equivalent UMF-rated honey, be skeptical about what might really be in the jar.


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Disclosure: ExportX represents Happy Valley Honey and Taku Honey on Amazon Germany.

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2 Responses to The Top Manuka Honeys on Amazon Germany

  1. Thea Faber 30 April 2017 at 9:19 pm #

    I can’t understand why there should be something wrong with Sanct Bernhard Manuka honey. Re: GMO or UMF. They have their own laboratories and everything is controlled. Were is this information coming from.

  2. Paul Grey 1 May 2017 at 1:18 pm #

    Hi Thea,

    Thank you for posting your remarks about Sanct Bernhard honey.

    In answer to your question, when this page was published in July 2015, the Sanct Bernhard honey label falsely claimed to be UMF manuka honey. It was labelled “Aktiv 10 UMF 10+” and the UMF honey association confirmed that it was not genuine UMF manuka honey.

    Today the listing for this honey shows a different label. It now states “Aktiv 5+ / MGO 100+” which is consistent with an entry-level manuka honey or blend.

    The information for this Sanct Bernhard honey in our table has been updated accordingly. Thank you for bringing our attention to the change.

    Sanct Bernhard manuka honey 2015 false UMF label Sanct Bernhard manuka honey 2017 label Aktiv MGO
    Sanct Bernhard 2015 label Sanct Bernhard 2017 label

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