Victory Knives To Enter USA With ExportX

New Zealand knife manufacturer Victory Knives, established 1927, has selected ExportX to represent its products in the USA.

The Victory range includes the high-tech XTB Sailor’s Blade, the world’s first 3D-printed titanium knife. At just 31g it is seriously light. Its extreme strength-to-weight ratio surprises everyone that holds it.

XTB Sailors Blade

The XTB’s titanium blade has a corrosion resistance unobtainable with even the most advanced stainless steels. Stainless steel will eventually rust. XTB titanium won’t.

Victory Knives developed the XTB Sailor’s Blade for use in the America’s Cup. Worn on the wetsuit thigh pocket or vest as an essential item of safety equipment. With its ultra-sharp serrated edge, designed to tear through the toughest of modern ropes, it is the sailors’ emergency knife for cutting away ropes during the world’s ultimate sailing series.

In addition to the XTB extreme blade, Victory Knives manufactures chef knives butchers’ knives, and specialised knives for fishing, hunting and diving. These knives feature superior stainless steel blades, titanium coatings and robust, practical handles.



Victory diving knives are designed for the commercial diver and are especially useful on oil rig operations, on deck and underwater. Victory diving knives and the XTB Sailor’s Blade are scheduled to be available on Amazon in the USA from May 2015.

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