How Much Stock Is Needed To Sell On Amazon?

Australian Export Council Webinar Q&A

In last week’s ‘Selling Successfully on Amazon‘ webinar hosted by the Australian Export Council, the question was asked:

How much stock is needed to start selling on Amazon?”

The answer is that you can get started with not very much stock at all. It only takes a quantity of one for a product to appear on Amazon, but if that one unit sells the product disappears.

If you have a single product, start with maybe 50 or 100 units. If you have a broader product range, maybe 10 or 20 of each SKU. Send a little more of your popular products and fewer of the others. If your product is large and expensive you might send just a few to get started.

In the apparel or footwear business in which there can be a multiplicity of styles, sizes and colours, some firms start with as little as a couple of units of each SKU to get coverage of the range without committing too much stock, adding bigger quantities in the most popular sizes.

The ExportX recommendation to manufacturers entering the US market is straightforward:

Start small.

Monitor sales.

Send more of what sells.

Keep pace with demand, once you know what that demand is.

In the early stages the key is to gather sales data as input to future replenishment shipments. Which SKUs are popular? What sales rate is being achieved? Is the sales pattern seasonal? What price points work best for each product?

ExportX makes it possible to start small by consolidating shipments of products from many brands. Individual manufacturers don’t need to fill containers, shipments are more frequent, and it’s easier to keep pace with sales growth.

Before too long you too might be sending your products to the USA by the thousand on a regular basis.



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