The Most Cost-Effective Packaging Dimensions

Australian Export Council Webinar Q&A

In last week’s ‘Selling Successfully on Amazon‘ webinar hosted by the Australian Export Council, the question was asked:

Is there a guide to the most cost effective packaging/shipping dimensions when designing product packaging?

When selling on Amazon in the USA, products packaged to fit within 18” x 14” x 8” and weighing less than 20lb will be eligible for the most cost-efficient handling and delivery systems. In metric units that’s 45 x 35 x 20cm and 9kg. Stay within that size if you can.

When designing packaging for online sales, the primary consideration is to protect the individual products from dust and moisture while they’re on warehouse shelves. This can be as simple as a plastic bag or cardboard carton with barcode/product labels on the outside.

Your product will likely be packed into a protective carton or sleeve for courier delivery.

An additional consideration is the role of your packaging in setting the first impression of your product after it is delivered to the customer. This can have more to do with the information inside the package, and how easy it is to use the product than what the outside of the packaging looks like.

There’s additional information about considerations for liquid product packaging on the ExportX website, including the need for drop tests and double-seals.


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