StrongArm Kayak Loaders to the USA

StrongArm SUP Loader graphicStrongArm Kayak Loaders and SUP Loaders from Australia’s BoastHoist will soon be available online in the USA through ExportX.

We’ll be able to serve customers better with product available in the USA.”

The StrongArm Kayak Loader is the answer for safe and easy single-person loading of a canoe or kayak onto the roof of a vehicle.

  • Single person operation
  • Ideal for use by women
  • Spring-assisted to help load and unload
  • Ideal for large fishing kayaks up to 65kg (143 lb)
  • Winner ABC TV New Inventors

“We’ve been sending individual boat loaders by courier to people in America,” said Linda Scott of Boathoist. “Now we’ll be able to serve those customers better with product available within the USA.”

Also going to the USA for the first time will be the StrongArm Stand Up Paddle Board Loader, which is ideal for loading SUP Boards and kayaks up to 28kg (61 lb) in weight.

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