Cyber Monday Sales Up 67%

The peak retail sales period of the year in the USA is the extended weekend spanning Thanksgiving. Black Friday  and Cyber Monday, referred to as the holiday period. While retail stores and shopping malls promote Black Friday, online sales focus on Cyber Monday, and online orders peak in the week following Thanksgiving.

This Cyber Monday peak is evident in the graph below, which shows the strong growth in ExportX holiday period sales achieved in 2014.

Graph Cyber Monday sales 2014

ExportX sales grew 67% year-on-year over the holiday sales period, the strongest growth ExportX has seen in the USA for some time. It caps the 45% compound annual growth in holiday period sales achieved over the past four years.

The increase in export sales has been driven by strong year on year growth for brands that are well-established selling with ExportX. ExportX has represented Merino Kids baby sleep bags and sleepwear in the USA since 2008, and this year’s Merino Kids holiday period sales were up 60% on 2013. Abeeco skincare, Lifesocks merino socks, Smith Creek fly fishing equipment and Heyrex Torus water bowls also stood out as doing particularly well on Cyber Monday this year.

With the increasing number of manufacturers using ExportX to represent their products online in the USA, the broader range of products available to American shoppers through ExportX also contributed to the growth.

The overriding trend is that retail shopping continues to move online, particularly to smartphones and iPads. Products represented by ExportX are positioned to take advantage of the opportunities in the US market.


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