Torus Pet Water Bowl Launched in the UK

Heyrex logoTorus pet water bowls made by New Zealand’s Heyrex are now available in the UK through ExportX.

The Torus is the ultimate water bowl for your dog or cat. It’s a self-dispensing water supply, so your dog or cat gets fresh water whenever it feels thirsty. It stores up to two litres of carbon-filtered water in a concealed reservoir, more than a day’s clean water for most dogs and more than enough for your cat.

The Torus water bowl is available for delivery throughout the UK through Amazon UK. Packs of replacement carbon water filters are also stocked in the UK.

Torus water bowls are also available through ExportX in the USA and Canada.

In the USA Torus pet water bowls have quickly become popular amongst dog and cat owners, and are earning great reviews from customers. Here’s one example:

This is a great bowl. It does everything the description (and answered questions) say it does. It also fools my water-glutten dog into thinking he’s drank all his water (he will drink five gallons if you set it before him — and no, he is not diabetic) when he’s really only had a reasonable amount. While he walks away, it refills itself and then patiently waits for him to find it again. By storing the unused water in the ring around the bowl, it both insulates AND makes the bowl bottom heavy. When I set it down, it doesn’t move, even though my 70 lb dog tends to push his food bowl (with gripper feet) all over the place. The knob on top works perfectly, keeping water out of the bowl for moving around (or traveling), and only letting it into the bowl when you tell it to do so. Also, because it only puts a cup or so of water into the bottom of the bowl at a time, the water doesn’t splash out and all over the place.”

Heyrex Torus 4 Bowls

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