Australia’s Woolerina Selects ExportX

Woolerina logoAustralia’s Woolerina has selected ExportX to market its merino apparel online in the United States.

Woolerina offers a superior quality range of soft Australian Merino garments which are machine washable, creating luxury without hassle. Whether you are going to work, travelling, hiking, sailing or out partying, you can be sure you are wearing an all-natural, breathable, sustainable and fully recyclable trans-seasonal garment.

The Woolerina story began more than 30 years ago, when Woolerina founder Warwick Rolfe first walked into the Sydney Wool Selling Centre. Warwick found his life-long passion for the beautiful merino fibre that day. Warwick’s long-held dream of taking beautiful Australian merino wool from the sheep’s back through to a finished garment came to fruition when Woolerina was established in 2006. Warwick is interviewed in this video.

Woolerina’s philosophy of sourcing the softest merino wool directly from the farm ensures only the best wool is used to make the most comfortable and durable merino clothing you will ever wear.

Woolerina flockWoolerina works directly with Australian merino producer Glenwood Merinos of Wellington in central New South Wales. Glenwood Merinos principals Norm & Pip Smith, sixth-generation merino farmers with a passion for their land, are interviewed in this video.

Woolerina products proudly bear the Australian Made logo and carry Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation.

Woolerina garments will be available in the USA in December.


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