January 2015 New Zealand-USA Export Shipment

ExportX Selling in the USAOur first export shipment of the 2015 year from New Zealand to the United States will be dispatched in January. 

This will follow the upcoming September 2014 shipment. The January dispatch will be the ideal shipment to stock products in the USA for the spring/summer season.

For businesses wishing to have products included in this shipment, these are the cutoff dates for your calendar or diary:

  • Products being sent to the United States for the first time, whether new brands or new products extending a range, must be registered with us with EANs, dimensions, weights and quantities by 9 January 2015.
  • Confirm quantities by 16 January.
  • Stock packed and labelled and in Auckland for export shipment consolidation by 23 January.

Please contact us in December if you’d like to receive replenishment quantity recommendations before the Christmas break.


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