Safe Eyes Signs With ExportX

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Masterton-based Safe Eyes has signed on for ExportX to sell its innovative mesh safety goggles in the USA.

Safe Eyes mesh safety goggles were originally developed for workers in the forestry industry. The aim was to develop ultimate eye protection that didn’t fog up when under physical exertion and that were rugged enough to survive forest conditions.

The mesh safety goggles Safe Eyes has brought to market are being used far beyond the forests. Safe Eyes are ideal for use with home power tools, by builders and construction workers, on farms, and in action sports as diverse as hunting, riding, rallying, paintball and mountain biking.

Safe Eyes mesh goggles are suitable in any situation where there’s a risk of eye injury, especially in humid conditions where typical goggles might fog.

Safe Eyes was the 2011 winner of the Flying Start Business Plan Competition, beating more than 500 entries to claim the top prize.


With lenses manufactured from stainless steel mesh, Safe Eyes goggles will not fog and are designed to be comfortable to wear for long periods.

Safe Eyes mesh safety goggles are on their way to the USA and will be available for purchase there with fast local delivery from October.



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