Delivery Charges Obstacle to Online Sales

Recent consumer research in the USA has confirmed that delivery charges continue to be a major obstacle to selling online successfully.

Harris Interactive polled over 2,000 online shoppers during one week in June. Two thirds identified delivery costs as their ‘pet peeve’ when online shopping, the highest-ranked obstacle to making a sale online.

The converse is also true; free delivery was named by 81% of shoppers as encouraging them to make a purchase online, the highest-ranked factor encouraging online shopping.

Harris Poll Online Shopping Pet Peeves

The Harris Poll report includes detailed results including demographic analysis of online shopping preferences.

The Harris Poll findings support what e-commerce specialists have long known, that the #1 most successful promotional offer in online selling is free delivery, the best-known example being Amazon’s longstanding Free Super Saver Shipping offer.

To put it another way, a product new to the US market stands little chance of success without being offered with free delivery. If you’re selling your products online, charging delivery fees, and expecting to win over US shoppers, think again.


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