ExportX in the NZ Marine News

NZ Marine News magazine cover

NZ Marine News, the magazine of the New Zealand marine industry association, features ExportX in its Winter 2014 edition in an article headlined “Supersize Your Market Share.”

The magazine article describes ExportX and its relevance to local manufacturers:

“ExportX began with the belief that there is a better way to distribute things online, within the e-commerce sphere, using internet giants such as Amazon.com. Intelligent software technology enables Grey and his team at ExportX to provide an economically- viable service by placing products where they will be seen by the widest share of the online market, positioning them for optimum sales.

“ExportX works on behalf of companies who need an economy of scale and on-the-ground knowledge of new markets, to give them the confidence and support to break into pastures new. With well-known brands under his belt like Ecoya, Merino Kids, Nature Baby, The Village Press Olive Oil and Citta Design, Grey has some revolutionary theories on international export that will grow your business, helping you to unlock your potential in overseas markets.

“The American market is an example, in a nutshell, of why a new approach to international export can have a marked effect on your business. Compare a traditional approach using distributors – it will take approximately ten years before you can claim national coverage in a country the size of the US, with a presence in thousands of stores.

“E-commerce is so attractive as a market entry strategy because if you do it right, on day one you can have national reach. With the infrastructure that is available in the United States you can get products to people everywhere and it’s great for products that are new to the market.”

Paul Grey of ExportX was the featured guest speaker at the NZ Marine ‘Channels to Market’ seminar in April.

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