US Shoppers Choose Priority Delivery

ExportX Selling in the USAUS shoppers now overwhelmingly choose priority delivery for their online orders.

ExportX research shows that shoppers’ selection of priority delivery service has grown rapidly in recent years, from one-fifth of online orders in 2009 to one-third in 2010, to one-half in 2011.

Now in 2014 fully 70% of online orders are dispatched with expedited delivery service, typically guaranteeing overnight or 2-day delivery.

70% of online orders are dispatched with expedited delivery.”

There’s a clear message for every business aiming to succeed selling products online in the USA; offering priority delivery is a must. If you’re not offering overnight or 2-day delivery then you’re falling below the level of service customers want and expect.

How can guaranteed 2-day delivery be achieved by a business outside the United States selling online to American shoppers? Realistically it can’t.

Most American shoppers will pass on a product that has to be shipped internationally, with the associated uncertainty about delivery time, customs clearance, returns processes and fraud. These are major obstacles to a customers making an international purchase.

Overcoming these obstacles and making it easy for customers to purchase is a fundamental advantage of exporting with ExportX over selling online from outside the USA. ExportX stocks your products within the USA and employs automated sales and order processing systems to deliver the levels of service US customers expect.

With ExportX your products can reach the entire e-commerce market, not just the shrinking proportion that might be prepared to wait more than 48 hours for delivery.



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