90% of US Online Shoppers Choose Free Delivery

ExportX Selling in the USAUnsure how much to charge for delivery for orders to the USA through your website?

You shouldn’t be. It’s a no-brainer. Charge zero.

90% of items sold online in the USA ship with free delivery.”

Free delivery is essential to compete for the dollar of the American online shopper.

ExportX research shows that 90% of items sold online in the USA are dispatched with free delivery.

The implication is clear. If you’re not offering free delivery on your website, you’re cutting yourself out of 90% of the market.

Of course delivery is never free to the merchant. The handling and courier charges remain, whether or not they’re passed on to the customer. These costs must still be covered within the selling price.

Are your costs for delivery to the USA too expensive to absorb? That’s where ExportX comes in. With ExportX your products are warehouses in-market and our automated order processing and highly efficient handling get the costs down to levels that allow products to be offered at great value prices to American shoppers – with free delivery.

We can do the same for customers in Canada, Japan and Europe.

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