Reviewed: Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag

The Merino Kids baby sleep bag introduced American parents to the benefits of merino for their babies, and continues to receive glowing reviews in the United States.

This week on her Dearest Lou blog, mother Cecelia published a series of beautiful photographs of her son sleeping peacefully in Merino Kids.

Dearest Lou merino sleep bag 4

She writes of how difficult it was to get her son to sleep, and his waking during the night. “I’ve noticed that ever since the weather has been cooler he has been waking up more frequently during the night due to being cold and uncomfortable. Which has been really hard on both baby and mama.” With the Merino Kids baby sleep bag, mother and baby are both sleeping much better.

Zaden sleeps better throughout the night which means I get a better nights rest too.”

Meanwhile Kath, mother of Kazen, uses sleep bags to get her baby son through the winter chill. In comparing different brands of sleep bags she writes on her website about the obvious high quality of the Merino Kids baby sleep bags.

I am considering buying a second one, I like it that much.”

Merino Kids baby sleep bags are exported to the USA by World Wide Access and are available for purchase through Merino Kids USA, and


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