(2013) How Many Products Does Amazon Sell?

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December 2013 edition

2015 edition now published.

Amazon.com is the self-styled “Greatest Store on Earth.” It’s been said that Amazon aims one day to sell everything to everyone.

Exactly how much choice do you have when shopping with Amazon?

Today Amazon sells over 200 million products in the USA, which are categorised into 35 departments. There are almost 5 million items in the Clothing department, almost 20 million in Sports & Outdoors, and over 4 million Office Products. There 7 million items in the Amazon Jewelry department, 24 million in Electronics, 1.4 million products in the Beauty department, 570 thousand Baby products, and 600 thousand Grocery items.

That’s in the USA. This table lists my estimates of the number of products offered on the main Amazon websites around the world.

Amazon.comUSA232 million
Amazon.co.ukUK132 million
Amazon.deGermany118 million
Amazon.frFrance99 million
Amazon.co.jpJapan95 million
Amazon.itItaly70 million
Amazon.esSpain67 million
Amazon.caCanada41 million
Amazon.inIndia18 million
Amazon.com.mxMexico (Kindle Store)2 million
Amazon.com.brBrazil (Kindle Store)2 million
Amazon.cnChina1 million

Companies exporting with World Wide Access have the option to reach Amazon shoppers in seven countries including the top five on this list; the USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Canada and China.

3 Responses to (2013) How Many Products Does Amazon Sell?

  1. Alex 31 January 2015 at 5:46 am #

    Would love to know how you came about this estimate of 200 million products sold on Amazon…

  2. Paul Grey 31 January 2015 at 11:56 am #

    Alex, thank you for your interest. We’ve been working with the Amazon catalogue for a fair while, long enough to be able to make a reasonable assessment.

    You may be interested in the more recent estimates posted last August:

    20 million more products were added to the Amazon catalogue in the USA in that 8 month period to August 2014.

    Since then another 50 million products have been added, bringing the total to over 300 million products in the US catalogue today (January 2015).


  3. Jim 7 August 2015 at 9:54 am #

    Hi Paul, I was in the Amazon Associates site today, and on a lark, I submitted a product search form with nothing in the field for search term. Instead of an error, the site returned results: “Showing 1-10 of 483,429,903 results”. If this is just the US catalog, then it seems your January 15 estimate of >300M products may be on the low side!

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