The Village Press in the UK, Canada and the USA

With the recent expansion of the range of The Village press extra virgin olive oil stocked in the USA, and arrivals of shipments in Canada and the UK, it’s a good time to summarise the ways we’re making The Village Press olive oil available to customers and stockists.

Customers in the USA, Canada and the UK can purchase The Village Press products stocked in each country with fast local delivery and in some cases free delivery.

For delivery throughout the USA:
For delivery throughout Canada:
For delivery in the UK:
For delivery throughout most of Europe:

In addition to selling to customers, The Village Press is taking advantage of our operational systems and logistics to supply retail stockists.

Approved stockists can place orders through wholesale webstores in the USA, Canada and the UK. Approved stockists are issued a user ID and password and when they’re signed in to the wholesale webstore they receive their wholesale discount on case quantities of product, provided it meets a minimum order value threshold. Payment is made at the time of order, and cases are dispatched within 48 hours with fast local courier delivery.

As a further option to supply stockists, The Village Press may take orders from stockists directly rather than through the wholesale webstore, and have those orders dispatched from stocks held with us in the USA, Canada or the UK. This gives The Village Press a fast, efficient order fulfilment capability for ‘house accounts’ at a much lower cost and with faster delivery than supplying from New Zealand.

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