A Reason to Like Mondays

Have you ever wondered whether some products sell better on certain days of the week, or whether shoppers spend more on weekends than weekdays? Is there one day of the week when it’s better to launch a promotion, or days that should be avoided?

In e-commerce, and especially with the power of systems such as our OrderPipe mobile sales dashboard, we have near-real time data that helps to answer these questions. Analysis of e-commerce sales data reveals that those of us in e-commerce have a good reason to love Mondays.

Take a look at this graph which shows day-by-day unit sales for four weeks for a product selling online in the USA. weekly-sales-pattern It has a pronounced weekly pattern of sales peaking on Monday each week. 18 November, 11 November, 4 November and 28 October were Mondays.

In three of the past four weeks the Monday’s sales were the highest for the week. This Monday-peak pattern is typical for online sales in the USA.

The second graph compares average sales on each day of the week for three popular products. It shows that for all three products Monday is the best sales day of the week.

Average sales on each day of the week for three popular products The rightmost of the three products, shaded on the graph in the darkest colour, has the most pronounced weekly pattern. Its Monday sales are on average 60% higher than on Saturdays. The graph reveals that the Friday-Saturday-Sunday weekend period is the slow-sales part of the week, and that Monday-Wednesday is the best part of the week for sales.

Actionable sales information

Armed with this information, what can we do with it? It allows more informed decisions to be made on pricing and timing of promotions, and more balanced interpretation of sales data.

We might launch promotions on Sunday evenings to catch the peak Monday-Wednesday sales days to reach more shoppers in that early part of the week.

When determining whether a price discount promotion is succeeding, we don’t rush to conclusions until we’ve looked at how it went on Monday.

When comparing sales data from different periods, we make sure a similar number of Mondays are included in the comparison.

We must also assume that Amazon is aware of this day-of-the-week pattern, and it’s surely no coincidence that Amazon has announced plans for Sunday deliveries to encourage shopping on Fridays and Saturdays.

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