First USA Sales for Torus Water Bowl

The Torus water bowl has its first customers in America just weeks after manufacturer Heyrex signed on with ExportX to export to the USA. Torus water bowls and replacement filters are available now from and through

The Torus is the ultimate water bowl for your dog or cat. It’s a self-dispensing water supply, so your dog or cat gets fresh water whenever it feels thirsty. It stores up to two litres of carbon-filtered water in a concealed reservoir, more than a day’s clean water for most dogs and more than enough for your cat.
Heyrex Torus 4 Bowls

The Torus has a streamlined, sturdy and durable design, with a low profile to ensure stability when your dog or cat is drinking. Its sealed water reservoir and rubber base prevent slipping and spillage, and the low water level reduces splashing.

The Torus is ideal for travelling. It’s easy to carry, and the lock position on the reservoir means you can take it anywhere. The thick walls help keep your pet’s water cool.

The Torus bowl uses charcoal water filters to remove impurities, guaranteeing your pet has access to clean, fresh water. Torus Replacement Filters are supplied in packs of five. Each of the five filters in the replacement pack gives your pet around a month of clean filtered water.


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