The Village Press Expands Olive Oil Range in the USA

Al Brown & Co. Olive OIl 1 litre carton

The Village Press, New Zealand’s leading olive oil producer, has expanded the range of its olive oils available to American consumers through World Wide Access.

The Village Press 1 litre carton of its flagship Barnea varietal olive oil has been stocked in the USA since 2012. With the 2013 press completed, stocks of that 1 litre carton have been replenished with the new season’s first-pres olive oil, and it’s been joined on the shelves by 2-litre and 4-litre cartons which are ideal for chefs, restaurants and other regular users of high quality olive oil.

In addition the first extra virgin olive oil from Al Brown & Co. is now available in the USA. Its distinctive flavour stems from the tiny Koroneki olives from which it is pressed.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil by The Village Press and Al Brown & Co. is available in the USA from our importer-direct webstore and through


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