Heyrex Wireless Dog Monitor on Amazon

We’ve secured a presence for the Heyrex dog activity and wellness monitoring system in the Pet Supplies department of Amazon.com in the USA. In addition we’ve successfully nominated Heyrex to have its own official Amazon brand page: Amazon.com/heyrex

Amazon Heyrex brand page screenshot

The Heyrex Starter Pack and additional sensors are available today on Amazon.com in the USA and from our importer-direct webstore  ShoppingMoa.com.

This milestone has been achieved just a few weeks after Heyrex decided to export to the USA with World Wide Access.

The Heyrex Starter Pack includes everything needed to monitor one animal, including a wireless base station and a sensor unit that clips to the collar. Heyrex can be used to monitor as many animals as you have, each animal needs its own collar-sensor.


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