The ‘Original’ Croquet Mallet Now in the USA

Wood Mallets Original Mallet

The George Wood Original Croquet Mallet is now available in the USA for immediate delivery nationwide.

Earlier this year we announced the addition of individual croquet mallets to the Wood Mallets range stocked in the USA, building on the export market success with Wood Mallets USA sales doubling year on year.

The first shipment of croquet mallets has arrived. In addition to the Original croquet mallet, Wood Mallets Hurlingham croquet mallets are also available for individual purchase. These are the same brass-bound hardwood croquet mallets in the classic Hurlingham style that are included in the Wood Mallets Hurlingham croquet set.

Wood Mallets croquet mallets and croquet sets may be purchased in the USA from our distributor-direct website, and are also available through the official Wood Mallets store on Amazon:


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