Heyrex Wearable Technology For Pets

Heyrex dog wearing biosensorHeyrex, the developer of the Heyrex biosensor for remote monitoring of dogs’ wellbeing, has chosen to export to the USA with ExportX.

Since its launch earlier this year, Heyrex has been featured in the press, forums and on television, and is being trialled by vets as well as being used by individual dog-owners to monitor their pets’ activity and health.

ExportX will make Heyrex products easily available to American dog-owners through its online sales channels including Amazon.com.

We’d explored selling on Amazon ourselves but it quickly got very complicated. Using ExportX became an obvious way to get Heyrex to America.”

– Nathan Lawrence, Heyrex CEO

The waterproof Heyrex biosensor uses motion sensors to monitor key health signs identified from activity levels, mobility, scratching, resting patterns and sleep disturbances. Using this data Heyrex can help identify signs of many dog health issues. Heyrex emails weekly notifications on your dogs wellbeing as well as alerts when a significant change in its activity or behaviour occurs. Heyrex keeps an eye on your dog’s activity 24/7, with no requirement for recharging as batteries last at least 6 months.


Heyrex products are expected to be available in the USA in November. The Heyrex product range also includes the Torus ‘smart’ water bowl.

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