Exporter Magazine: Destination America


Exporter Magazine’s July issue cover story is titled “Destination America.”  It’s a guide to gaining a toehold in the United States of America – “the world’s wealthiest, most advanced and arguably most challenging export destination.”

In the article Exporter magazine talks to Mike Hearn of the American Chamber of Commerce and Moira Moroney of Base3USA.

The article includes an interview with Paul Grey, and mentions several brands exporting with World Wide Access including Mumi&Bubi, Ecoya, Saviq, Kalon Skincare and Abeeco.

E-commerce is the best way to take advantage of the world’s biggest market.”

Paul’s tips for cracking the US market:

  • Maintain product stocks in-market, in order to meet service expectations and guarantee delivery within days or overnight if that’s what the customer wants.
  • Understand that online selling in the US is far advanced from e-commerce in New Zealand. It’s about online shopping sites, marketplaces, affiliate selling and mobile devices.
  • Mobile commerce is growing like wildfire; be in the game. Can customers buy your product from their favourite iPad shopping app? Or find your product by scanning its barcode with their smartphone?
  • Time in the market counts. Start the clock ticking now, not next year. Don’t procrastinate with strategising. Get in there and get started.
  • Real sales data is gold for informed decision-making. Even just six or 12 months of actual sales will tell you more about what works for your products than the best hypothetical market research. How is a study report going to tell you definitively which product, which colours, which pack sizes will sell? And what price points and at what times of the year?

The best way to act on those tips? Get started exporting to the USA with World Wide Access.



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