How Big is Amazon? official logoPretty much everybody who’s online knows of or buys from Amazon.

Many might think of Amazon as “the world’s biggest bookstore” and know that it also sells music, DVDs and software.

But do you realise quite how big Amazon has become?

Amazon is a giant of e-commerce. Bigger than Google.

Amazon last week announced its latest financial results. Revenue in the first quarter of 2013, January through March, was US$16 billion, up 22% on the previous year. For the last 12 months Amazon’s revenue was about US$64 billion.

That’s double Google’s revenue.

Fonterra is New Zealand’s biggest company and is responsible for 30% of the world’s dairy trade with revenues of NZ$20 billion. Amazon has four times the revenue of Fonterra.

Much much more than a bookstore

Long gone are the days when Amazon was just an online bookstore that also sold CDs and DVDs.

Home electronics, apparel, hardware, beauty and baby goods are amongst its major categories. Less than a third of Amazon’s revenue comes from sales of books, music and video combined.

Amazon sells in 10 countries and has 200 million active customers. 43% of Amazon’s revenue comes from outside North America. Germany is Amazon’s second-biggest market, followed by Japan and the UK. Amazon is the leader in cloud computing services with its EC2, S3 and related IT offerings under the Amazon Web Services brand. It’s a leader in affiliate sales through its Associates programme.

Amazon operates its own warehouses and order fulfilment operations, and will soon have over 100 warehouse locations, 46 of those outside the USA. The newest Amazon warehouses are each 1 million square feet, that’s 22 acres or 9 hectares per building. This gives Amazon extraordinary scale to handle pre-Christmas peaks in sales. Last year Amazon dispatched over 15 million orders in a single day.

You can’t beat it

No other American firm can match Amazon in online sales, not even Wal-mart. The World Wide Access strategy is to work with Amazon, and we sell with Amazon in seven countries.

One of the most valuable things we can do for your brand is get your products into Amazon and to ensure they’re represented there at a very high standard. Use World Wide Access to make the Amazon juggernaut work for you, not against you.

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