Germany is Amazon’s Second-Biggest Market official logoGermany is officially Amazon’s second-biggest market, according to the company’s recent financial filing with the SEC. In 2012 Amazon Germany’s sales were US$8.7 billion, up 21% on 2011.

ExportX operates an export sales channel into Germany in partnership with Amazon. Products from several New Zealand companies are available to European customers through Amazon Germany, including Solo cycling jerseys, Real Nappies modern cloth nappies and Safe T Sleep baby swaddles.

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Japan is Amazon’s next biggest market at US$7.8 billion, up 19% year-on-year. The United Kingdom is Amazon’s fourth-biggest at US$6.5 billion, up 21%. Amazon’s sales in all countries outside North America totalled US$26.3 billion, representing 43% of the total.

By comparison, Amazon’s North American sales, the USA and Canada combined, were US$34.8 billion, up 30% on 2011.

The significance of these huge sales numbers is that they are describing the world’s greatest online shopping mall. Customers are visiting Amazon websites and spending money. Get your brand and your products represented well in these Amazon marketplaces and your products can be seen by hundreds of millions of shoppers.

ExportX sells in partnership with Amazon in the USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, China and the United Kingdom.


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