OrderPipe App for iPhone and iPad

The OrderPipe App for iPhones and iPads is now available through the iTunes app store.

OrderPipe is a mobile web app used by e-commerce merchants to monitor
sales from Amazon, Magento and Shopify in real-time. Access OrderPipe
from your iPhone, your iPad, or any web browser.

  • How are my sales going today?
  • What have I sold since I last checked?
  • What are my total sales across all my sales channels?
  • Which products are selling well today?

These are questions OrderPipe answers real-time with its mobile dashboard designed and optimized specifically for the 24/7 ecommerce business.

With this app you’ll get real-time notifications to your phone as orders come in, with thresholds for order value, daily revenue or daily order count. Track sales, set goals and hear the satisfying ch-ching as your products sell.

OrderPipe App Screenshot


OrderPipe is developed by the World Wide Access software engineering team. As well as making it available as a web-based software product for use by other e-commerce merchants worldwide, I use it to manage the World Wide Access export e-commerce business, selling online in the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Japan and China.

With their OrderPipe mobile sales dashboard, manufacturers and suppliers exporting with World Wide Access can track sales and stock levels in real time, gaining vastly better visibility into export sales than would be typical of a conventional distribution arrangement. This allows businesses to see sales patterns as they’re emerging, to identify fast-selling products and to plan inventory replenishments.

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