Eco-Friendly Export Shipping Pallets

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Double Eco is a Wellington firm that’s making a new kind of pallets, eco-friendly ones. They’re made of cardboard, but they’re remarkable strong, they’re much more eco-friendly than wooden or plastic pallets, and they’re ideally suited to use in export shipments.

A common misconception is that cardboard pallets can carry only light loads. Double Eco pallets can carry up to 24 tonnes, and their pallets are already being adopted by Chelsea Sugar and Fonterra.

Amongst the advantages they have for export are that they’re a lot cheaper than plastic pallets, as little as one-third the cost, and a much more ecologically-sound option than either timber or plastic pallets.

Cardboard pallets are much more eco-friendly than plastic pallets, which are a petro-chemical product, and cardboard pallets are more eco-friendly than wood pallets because treated-wood pallets are eventually burnt at the end of their life which releases harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Double Eco pallets are easily recyclable all over the world through normal cardboard recycling systems.

To ask about using Double Eco pallets for your next export shipment, contact Trevor Burgess: [email protected]

Double Eco Cardboard Pallet


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