How Do Colours Affect Purchases?

Amazon Add To Cart It’s not by coincidence that Amazon’s famous Add To Cart button is orange. This infographic from web analytics firm Kiss Metrics explains why.

Orange creates a call to action: subscribe, buy or sell.”

The ideas here can help us think about colour choices based on how the American consumer might perceive them when branding, and designing product packaging, and developing product listings, websites and brand pages. Black for luxury. Purple for beauty. Green for relaxation.

Kiss Metrics: How Do Colours Affect Purchases?

Source: Kiss Metrics

One Response to How Do Colours Affect Purchases?

  1. Hugh Cronwright 15 March 2013 at 10:47 pm #

    Quite fascinating! Some of it I guess one knows almost instinctively, like the drop in sale if the web site is slow to open. Telecom should consider this themselves, what effect their poor service in some areas has on their clients trade!
    The trick is of course, how to incorporate this into a new product presentation. Some products just would not look right in a colour we are not used to seeing it in.
    Curious why there is no yellow in the Colour and the Consumer section? Anybody told Shell-Z I that I wonder? Their colours work for me!

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