Building the The Village Press Brand in the USA

It’s exporting with World Wide Access that’s building The Village Press brand in the USA. I don’t think we’d have anything like this profile in America if we were still trying to do it ourselves.”

Wayne Startup, The Village Press

A while back we posted links to some of the glowing reviews that The Village Press extra virgin olive oil has been winning amongst chefs and foodie bloggers in the USA.

This week New Zealand’s The Village Press has been recognised with an official brand page on at its own dedicated URL:

The Village Press Amazon brand page

The Village Press switched its US exporting to World Wide Access during 2012. The Village Press founder Wayne Startup explains, “I’ve previously exported to the USA using a more conventional distribution approach. It didn’t get us far. Since moving to World Wide Access it’s been easy. I’ve been impressed with the way the promotions team got out there and generated real publicity and brand awareness for our olive oil.”

It’s not just the brand-building and ease of doing business that keeps Wayne a fan of exporting with World Wide Access. He was an early adopter of the new OrderPipe mobile sales dashboard software technology World Wide Access has developed.

“With my previous American distributor I really had no idea what was happening until I saw a quarterly sales report. Now I have direct visibility into the American sales order pipeline using the sales dashboard on my mobile phone.”

At any time I can see what’s selling, where our products are going, and track the stock levels.”

The Village Press is New Zealand’s premier olive oil producer, offering a range of varietal and flavour-infused first-press extra virgin olive oils.

For more information about The Village Press:

For more information about the OrderPipe mobile sales dashboard:

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